My favorite things

Whether it's software or a physical good, I try to keep my life pretty minimal. If it's listed here, I think it's the bees knees.

Tom Bihn Backpacks

As a backpack nerd, I've spent far too much time examining and trying out different bags for work / travel. Tom Bihn is hands down the best I've found. Treat yourself and get the Synapse 19 or 25!


I'm one person with limited time on my hands. As such, developing separately for both Android & iOS would be entirely out of the question without Flutter. The development environment and feedback loop is incredible, and I'm convinced it is the future default development paradigm for both platforms... regardless of cross-platform requirements.

Vue JS

I've got a love / hate relationship with JavaScript. Vue takes frontend development and makes it sane, easy, even enjoyable! If you are in the JS development space I highly recommend you take a look if you haven't already.

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